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About me

Hello ! I’m Potsy, the owner and creator of Koelhyn’s shop ! I basically designed Koelhyn to make Samsung themes and Huawei themes ! And as she has been well welcomed, i decided to make her alive with this shop! I had this project for a long time and i put all my heart in it. I only propose products that i use myself in my daily life so i hope you guys will like the shop!

About Koelhyn

Koelhyn is a girly and cute koala who just likes to enjoy life with her family and friends. You can easily recognize her with her mole on the left cheek and she s always wearing a girly hair accessory. She’s very nice, but if you irritate her, she won’t hesitate to pull out her claws.

koelhyn defends 3 values:
Loyalty: koelhyn doesn’t try to make lots of friends, a few friends are enough as long as they are loyal. If Koelhyn decides to be your friend, it’s for life. She will be fought tooth and nail for you.
Courage: Koelhyn has often been underestimated because people think she just sleeps on a tree. But Koelhyn is so much more than that and is very brave, as she has decided to leave her native Australia to come in Paris and live her dream of making people happy.
kindness: You never know what people are going through, so Koelhyn is kind and always tries to spread happiness wherever she goes. But it doesn’t mean she has to let others walk all over her paws.
Koelhyn is definitively the friend you need!

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